Coffee Poster

Coffee Poster

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We love hearing about carbon wheels and ceramic bearings and internal cable routing. We could talk about them all day. But what we really love to hear about is your coffee. Tell me about your coffee. And then buy a poster to let other people know that you would like to hear about their coffee.

These posters are 12 x 18 and printed on the finest cardstock found on earth, made from trees chopped down by real Portland bearded hipsters, shipped to Mozambique where one of the only three living “hand pulpers” will smash the wood into in a fine mash, which is then sent to a paper making machine high in the alps. Each piece piece of paper is cut by hand to our exacting specifications and shipped individually via Fed Ex next day air, not because it’s efficient, but because we can*.

* It’s actually really nice 80# premium UV coated cover stock. FSC-certified, acid-free and fully recyclable paper

Dimensions 12 x 18 in

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