We are Gallivant

Join us virtually as we physically do things without you. And then brand them.

What we talk about when we talk about riding

Jahvahaah Gallivant is a new kind of bicycling. We had to rebrand our “routes” because it turns out that other people were using that to describe what they were doing on their bikes. And sure, there are a lot of similarities between what they’re doing and what we’re doing. Riding bikes with friends. Wearing funny looking clothes and getting laughed at and/or yelled at by people who are not bicycling. Talking about stuff. Showing all of the people we didn’t invite where we went with a bunch of photos of how fun it was and how sad they should be that they weren’t invited.

But that is where the similarities end. This is different. This is. Bigger.

How, you ask? Well first of all, we hand selected a bunch of of super handsome men who are not afraid to pose for photos. An then, after some women people got their panties in a bunch upset, we picked up added some super attractive ladies to ride with us as well. Then we added some unattractive guys just to pretend show that we’re inclusive, but we just make sure not to take pictures of those guys.

But beyond that, it’s just… I mean… we’re trying to sell stuff like books and patches and a whole exclusive lifestyle thing. And we’re trying to make all of the other important people on the internet talk about our books and patches and lifestyle and say how cool it is that we’re making… like… books and patches and and lifestyles and stuff.

Profound speeds.

Jahvahaah Gallivant will never use the word “ride” or “route” to describe a Gallivant event because that’s too easy. Too obvious. People who “ride” “routes” don’t make books and patches and lifestyles. But we do. So this can’t be a ride. Because then it would just be simple and fun and just for us. Which would be weird and not particularly profitable.

In an effort to get the word out about our new project, we’re going to load this page with words that people who might buy books and patches might care about. Words like bourbon and bespoke and single malt and Savile row and single origin. We might even instagram some food.

We are Gallivanting. We are Gallivanters. How do we know? Because we have some books and patches and lifestyle stuff to sell. That’s how we know.