Colonial Club

Authenticity is such a difficult thing to define. So we decided to take the guesswork out of the process and make ourselves arbitrary arbiters of authenticity. And we’ve created a special club of influencial arbiters who discuss these things all day. And as a special member of the club, you’ll have the opportunity to buy different things than the things that the normal people buy, so even though the purchase of our things makes you special, the purchase of our extra special things will make you extra special.

Because if everyone could have everything, you wouldn’t be able to identify the better people at a glance.

The Influencer Collection

Our first product will be available on an invitation-only basis. This will be a Jahvahaah-only jersey and bib with the word “INFLUENCER” clearly spelled out for all to see. There will be no question if you’re an influential person or not. It will be written across your chest. To be considered to be invited to buy our influencer kit, fill out the questionaire we’ve created.