Bespoke Gravel Popup Shop

Bespoke Gravel Popup Shop

As a professional Influencer I get literally a brazillian emails a day. Since my style is international a lot of them are fucked up letters and lines and shit like the jacked Chinese keypad on my super secret iPhone 8. Really? Are you serious? I don’t have time to Google translate or Pimsleur or whatever. On the real tip, answering emails is exhausting. I assumed that if you know how Internet then you know how to American. Right? USA!

So I get a lot of questions. Among other things, people want to know how a bike blogger of my renown gets to this point in the game.  How do I keep my hustle without losing sight of what’s truly real? How do I not get suffocated under the growing mountain of swag?

I’ve been knee deep in the gritty business of luxury bicycling for over three years now, and thems are trade secrets, son. I’d give them away as soon as I’d give away my MASH+Cinelli BoardWaterer and my vintage Nikon. Which is to say: Never.

But there is one secret I will give up. Here in about half a fortnight my nignogs at Gravail are about to set up the firmest pop-up the world has ever seen. It will be at the Velodirt + JVA collabo #gnrr start/finish line this September 7th. And it will be cray.

If you’re a regular page-viewer you know that people are getting twerky about the gravel bike scene. Shit is going full Bikini Atoll. Which is to say, it’s blowing up in a way that is both aggressive and and potentially cancerous. And that’s where my friends come in.

My boys at Gravail have been quietly perfecting their craft for a bit. Don’t know Gravail? You will.

My brosevelts at Gravail observed the steady growth of the gravel bike race scene and thought, “why not make bike-specific gravel?” So they did. And they did it right.

Bike-specific gravel, engineered for gravel-specific bikes. That’s what  Gravail does.

Yeah, you can run a gravel race on roads that were made out of whatever the local geology has on tap, but that wouldn’t do for Gravail.Their vision is simple: Run a race on uneven surfaces specifically curated for the bicycles that will be ridden over them. What would you rather do? I think the latter. That’s Gravail’s niche.

Sedimentary. Igneous. Metamorphic. Whatever you need, they have that schist covered. And they don’t just stop there. Particle size is down to the fucking millimeter. Shit is hand-sifted to ensure consistent diameter from pebble to pebble. You want it 80mm deep? They can do that. You want it mostly pointy? Gravail has you covered. You want it to be transcendentally-epic? Gravail will install quicksand sandtraps on your course, and hire crazy dudes to hide in the gravel and grab racers as they pass by. Full. Fucking. Service.

If you’re in the Mt. Hood, Oregon area the weekend of September 7th, swing by the start of the Velodirt+JVA collabo/mashup/miscegenation event. Gravail will be there. But not technically “invited’. So don’t call us out. It would be awkward for everyone.

REMINDER: The Gender Neutral Rapscallion Reacharound is on September 7th, 2013. For details and registration, visit