To truly know suffering, one must be willing to push their body into unknown territory. Many cyclists will tell you about their most difficult ride, but do they really understand? Do they know Jahvahaah-level suffering?

Have they ever looked into the confused eyes of a rural barista when asked if these beans were single origin, and if so, from where? Have they ever had to give up their last ultralight tube, only to flat themselves and be forced to use Performance brand standard tubes? Have they ever found photos of themselves online, taken at mile 87, in color, with saturation and contract left completely unadjusted?

Overly dry cappuccinos. Duvel served in pint glasses. Blended Scotch. Cannondale jerseys. Yea, we’ve seen some terrible things. We’ve suffered. Hard.

But these are the experiences that make use who we are. These are the hardships that make us different – perhaps better – than you. We know true misery. We desaturate it every day.